a 9 to 5 job

A 9 To 5 Job Isn’t For Losers

Career Advice

I watch various types of videos on YouTube, and lately I’m watching videos about entrepreneurship. This is relevant at the moment since I’ve gone back into self-employment. While most of the videos I come across are thoughtful and informative, there are plenty that disparage a 9 to 5 job. These individuals basically tell those employees […]

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the president doesn't matter

The President Doesn’t Matter In Your Life


Too many Americans are caught up in politics and put too much faith in politicians. Upon reviewing this past election cycle, which I’m very happy is over (for the most part), the Democrats and Republicans think they’re different but they aren’t. They all think if their candidate gets into office their lives will improve. Sadly, […]

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don't be ruled by money

Don’t Be Ruled By Money


I had a conversation with a coworker recently regarding money. He believes that Americans will do anything to be rich, basically. Meaning they will chase the hottest stocks, play the lottery, trade Forex, etc. I was blunt in my response to my coworker. I told him I believe he’s the one consumed with money since […]

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